Musical Correspondent podcast 3 – Issue 41 – May 2020

The Musical Correspondent, May 2020. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Scotland Correspondent Magazine.

Featuring: Lynsey Aitken and Ken Campbell, Tidelines, Camera Obscura, Mary Ann Kennedy, Michael Marra, Idlewild, Lau, Runrig, Martin Bennet, Karine Polwart, Nahoo, Trail West

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Correspondent:

  1. Lynsey Aitken and Ken Campbell – Come On In
  2. Tidelines – Far Side of the World
  3. Camera Obscura – Super Trouper
  4. Mary Ann Kennedy – Mother Glasgow
  5. Michael Marra – I Don’t Like Methil
  6. Lynsey Aitken and Ken Campbell – Dundee Bound
  7. Idlewild – American English
  8. Lau – Ghosts
  9. Runrig – Dance Called America
  10. Martin Bennet – Move
  11. Karine Polwart – Follow the Heron
  12. Nahoo – Passing Away
  13. Trail West – MacPherson’s Rant

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