Musical Correspondent podcast 5 – Issue 43 – July 2020

The Musical Correspondent, July 2020. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Scotland Correspondent Magazine.

Featuring: Mull Historical Society, Lori Watson, Hazey Janes, Michael Marra, Iona Fyfe, Claire Hastings, Admiral Fallow, Dorec-a-Belle, Malinky, Aberfeldy, Idlewild

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Correspondent:

  1. Mull Historical Society – Somewhere in Scotland
  2. Lori Watson – Johnnie Armstrong
  3. Hazey Janes – Girl in the Night
  4. Michael Marra – All will Be Well
  5. Iona Fyfe – Take Me Out Drinking
  6. Claire Hastings – Let Ramensky Go
  7. Admiral Fallow – Guest of the Government
  8. Dorec-a-Belle – Antonia
  9. Malinky – Pad the road with Me
  10. Aberfeldy – Love is an Arrow
  11. Idlewild -Live in a Hiding Place

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