Musical Correspondent podcast 7 – Issue 45 – September 2020

The Musical Correspondent, September 2020. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Scotland Correspondent Magazine.

Featuring: Yvonne Lyon, Capercaillie, Julie Fowlis, Colin Clyne, Silly Wizard, Findlay Napier, Frankie Miller, Jimmy Shand, Big Country, Malcolm Jones – Brian Hurren – the Craigie choir, Gerry Rafferty, Fiddler’s Bid.

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Correspondent:

  1. Yvonne Lyon – We Were Not Made for the Shadows
  2. Capercaillie – Islay Ranters
  3. Julie Fowlis – Wind and Rain
  4. Colin Clyne – Doin’ Fine
  5. Silly Wizard – The Auld Pipe Reel/the Brolum
  6. Findlay Napier – Hedy Lamarr
  7. Frankie Miller – Darlin’
  8. Jimmy Shand – Bluebell Polka
  9. Big Country – In a Big Country
  10. Malcolm Jones, Brian Hurren, the Craigie choir – In Search of Angels
  11. Gerry Rafferty – Night Owl
  12. Fiddler’s Bid – The Swan

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