Musical Discoveries podcast 13 – Issue 51 – March 2021

The Musical Discoveries, March 2021. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Discover Scotland Magazine.

Featuring: The Beatstalkers, The Poets, Alex Harvey, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Fredereek Hernando, Laughing Man, Blues Council, Bobby Patrick Big Six, The Mark Five, The Athenians, Studio Six, O’Hara’s Playboys, Johnny and the Copycats, Cartoone, The Road Hogs

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Discoveries:

  1. The Beatstalkers – Everybody’s Talking About My Baby
  2. The Poets – That’s the Way It’s Got to Be
  3. Alex Harvey – Agent Double O-Soul
  4. Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Sergeant Fury
  5. Fredereek Hernando – One in a Million
  6. Laughing Man – Marmalade
  7. Blues Council – Baby Don’t Look Down
  8. Bobby Patrick Big Six – Sweet Talk Me Baby
  9. The Mark Five – Baby What’s Wrong with You
  10. The Athenians – Louie Louie
  11. Studio Six – I Can’t Sleep
  12. O’Hara’s Playboys – Ballad of the Soon Departed
  13. Johnny and the Copycats – The Pain of Love
  14. Cartoone – Ice Cream Dreams
  15. The Road Hogs – My Generation

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