Musical Discoveries podcast 22 – Issue 60 – December 2021

The Musical Discoveries, December 2021. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Discover Scotland Magazine.

Featuring: Admiral Fallow, Randolph’s Leap, Idlewild, Starsky and the Fox, Legendary Hearts, Alex Macdonald, Deacon Blue, Hazey Janes, Michael Marra, James Dewar, Frankie Miller, Annie Booth, Aberfeldy, The Chair, Peter Nardini.

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Discoveries:

  1. Admiral Fallow – Dragonfly
  2. Randolph’s Leap – Moment Passed
  3. Idlewild – In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction
  4. Starsky and the Fox – Celtic Heart
  5. Legendary Hearts – Cold Christmas
  6. Alex Macdonald – Band Song
  7. Deacon Blue – Riding on the Tide of Love
  8. Hazey Janes – Meet on the Ledge
  9. Michael Marra – Happed in Mist
  10. James Dewar – Stumbledown Romancer
  11. Frankie Miller – A Fool in Love
  12. Annie Booth – Fallow Year
  13. Aberfeldy – Young Forever
  14. The Chair – he Scariest Room
  15. Peter Nardini – Between the Clyde and Heaven

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