Musical Discoveries podcast 9 – Issue 47 – November 2020

The Musical Discoveries, November 2020. Celebrating Scotland’s music with Tom Morton

A monthly celebration of Scotland’s music, traditional, but with tinges of the contemporary, brought to you by Tom Morton of Discover Scotland Magazine.

Featuring: Catriona MacDonald, Dougie Maclean, Yvonne Lyon, Dick Gaughan, Gallagher and Lyle, Starry Skies, Love and Money, Monica Queen, Rab Noakes, Kenny Vass, Gerry Rafferty, Blazin’ Fiddles.

Inside this FREE podcast of the Musical Discoveries:

  1. Catriona MacDonald – Michael’s Mazurka
  2. Dougie Maclean – Ready for the Storm
  3. Yvonne Lyon – Someday
  4. Dick Gaughan – 51st Highland Division’s Farewell to Sicily
  5. Gallagher and Lyle – Never Give Up on Love
  6. Starry Skies – I Want you To Know
  7. Love and Money – Winter
  8. Monica Queen – The Passion
  9. Rab Noakes – Clear Day
  10. Kenny Vass – Railway Girl
  11. Gerry Rafferty – It’s Better This Way
  12. Blazin’ Fiddles – Arran Ceilidh

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