Scotland Correspondent China Issue 01 – October 2019

THE magazine for lovers of all things Scottish. Great stories and pictures covering  history, heritage, lifestyle, travel and much more.

Scotland Correspondent China Issue 1 – October 2019

Inside this FREE issue of Scotland Correspondent China magazine:

  • Celebrating China’s 70th Anniversary   庆祝中国人民共和国成立70周年
  • Exploring Glenturret’s special history   寻觅Glenturret威士忌背后的历史故事
  • Why more Chinese tourists visit Scotland   为什么有这么多中国游客来到苏格兰
  • Great ideas to enjoy Scotland’s capital city   享受苏格兰的首府
  • The theatre group breaking down barriers   艺术表演团队把两个地区的人拉近
  • Tips on fishing in Scotland    在苏格兰钓鱼需要知道的
  • Island hopping with a difference   岛屿与众不同
  • Hunting for unknown life in the depths of Loch Ness   寻找尼斯湖深处的未知生活
  • The art of story telling with textiles   用艺术方式讲述布的故事
  • A brief guide to what’s worth seeing in Scotland   简要介绍在苏格兰值得一看的地方
  • Celebrate the day of love somewhere special this year   今年找个特别的地方庆祝美好的爱情
  • Success for first Highland Games in Beijing   成功举办首届北京高地运动会
  • Dundee and North Eastern University partnership   邓迪大学与华东大学合作计划
  • It’s no surprise the Shetland islands are a top spot for visitors   设得兰群岛

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